Sunday, March 20, 2011

Developers, developers, developers…developers, developers, developers

If there’s one thing that all fast-growing technology startups have in common, it’s that they’re constantly looking for great developers. Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer got it right:

My portfolio companies are no exception, almost all of them are looking for engineers in various roles right now. So – if you’re a great developer and you’re living in San Francisco, Edinburgh, Vancouver, Berlin, Cracow, London or Munich (or willing to relocate) and if you want to join one of the best SaaS companies in the world, check out these job postings.

Zendesk (San Francisco)

QA Engineer

Front End Developer

Ruby on Rails Engineer

FreeAgent Central (Edinburgh)

Ruby on Rails Engineer

Clio (Vancouver)

Senior UI Designer

Software Developer

samedi (Berlin)

JavaScript Developer

Ruby on Rails Developer

Integration Engineer

inFakt (Cracow)

Ruby on Rails Developer

Geckoboard (London)
Lead Developer

Propertybase (Munich)

Ruby on Rails Developer

P.S.: If you’re like me and you’re not an engineer I (probably) won’t have a job for you but I’ll buy you a brand new iPad 2 for a successful referral of a candidate for one of the positions listed above!


Mike Wilson said...

Hi Chris,

Great post :)

It's ironic that you started out with a quote from the CEO of Microsoft and all your jobs are using other technologies :)

I know a few top-bar devs looking for a startup to move to (on the Microsoft technology stack) so it looks like I've missed out on the iPad2 competition this time around :P

All the best,


Christoph Janz said...

Thank you for your comment Mike. I'll be in touch if I stumble on a great opportunity for a Microsoft developer! :)