Friday, December 08, 2006

Pagebull - your visual Internet search engine

A few days ago, Pagebull went from stealth mode into public beta. Pagebull is the latest brainchild of my good friend and long-term business partner Christopher Münchhoff. It's a new search engine that provides a radically new user interface: Instead of a text-based list of the sites that match your search query, it shows you a grid of large screenshots of those sites.

The idea behind Pagebull's approach is that when you go to a site, you'll often know after a second if the site has what your looking for or not - and an inappropriate amount of time is wasted going back and forth between Google and the "target" sites. Pagebull now lets you glance over nine or more screenshots at a time, saving you the effort of clicking from one target site to the next.

What's interesting is that Pagebull benefits from two important industry trends: More bandwidth and larger screens. Using Pageflakes on a 30" screen and a super-fast cable connection must be fun!

It would be interesting to conduct a study to find out how much time Pagebull saves an average Internet user who spends, say, an hour per week on Google. Then just extrapolate that to all American office workers, and the US economy can probably save a few billion worth of productivity per year. ;-)

Seriously: Pagebull will not drive Google out of business any time soon, but it's an extremely impressive, innovate approach to improve the search engine user experience on the Web.

Try it!