Friday, August 25, 2006

Long time no blog

I warned you in my very first posting that I'm lazy about writing and that I didn't know how frequently I would post something. But four months without a posting, I didn't know that I'd be that bad! I probably chose the worst possible timing for starting a blog, since I started it around the same time when we founded Pageflakes.

Trying to become the #1 startpage in the world doesn't leave you a lot of time for anything else. :-) But I should at least give you a little update on what's been keeping me so busy:

  • Hari K. Gottipati of O'Reilly and Barbara Krasnoff of InformationWeek just picked Pageflakes as the Ajax king in the "webtop" category - ahead of Google and Microsoft. Read the story here and here (And after that, digg it!)

  • About two weeks ago we released our all-new RSS reader. The new version lets you read all your favorite blogs and needs feeds in one window and offers various different views to meet everyone's individual reading habit.

  • You can now customize your page even more by choosing from different color schemes and changing the number of columns.

  • Maybe the coolest of all features, we've recently added the ability to share pages with selected friends as well as to make pages public.

  • In addition we've added numerous flakes, bringing the flake count close to 100. For example, you can now read and write emails from your startpage with Mail Flake; watch videos with Metacafe Flake, Revver Flake and YouTube Flake; keep track of your social network with openBC Flake, and so much more. Check them out in our Flake Gallery.

Despite these new features, please keep in mind that we're still in beta and that we haven't even delivered 5% of what we plan for the future. Back to work - see you at my next posting, presumably around Christmas! ;-)