Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Pageflakes Releases Public Beta

We're thrilled to announce the release of our Public Beta! Over the past weeks, we fixed many bugs and glitches, implemented numerous improvements, added support for Firefox and created a number of really nice flakes. Thanks to all users and developers who provided us with their valuable feedback!

Pageflakes now features:

  • Address Book: Manage your contacts right from your personal startpage that you can access from anywhere.
  • Price Comparison: Start price comparisons using a variety of different comparison shopping engines like Shopping.com and mySimon. Also features price comparison engines from the UK and Germany.
  • Flickr: This one can make your page look beautiful. Select photos by tag, date or Flickr user.
  • Alexa Traffic: Keep an eye on the traffic of up to five sites.
  • Web Search: Start Web searches using Google, Yahoo, MSN or Ask.com. Look for Web pages, images, news or Usenet discussions.
  • Dictionary: Title says it!
  • Note: A simple notepad, like a digital version of Post-it® notes.
  • To-Do-List: You can set up multiple lists and tasks and receive reminders by email. Really helps you to get things done.
  • GMail: Keep track on incoming mails to your GMail account.
  • Become.com Shopping Search: Start shopping searches using Become.com.
  • Movie Find: Quick access to the Internet Movie Database (IMDB) and RottenTomatoes.com.
  • What’s Next on BBC: For our visitors from the UK.
  • Zoho Writer Docs: Access your Zoho Writer documents right from Pageflakes.
  • Yahoo! Weather: Enter your ZIP code and get the current local weather plus a forecast.
  • Del.icio.us: Your Del.icio.us bookmarks on Pageflakes.
  • SMS: Send a free text message!

...and the list goes on.

In addition to that, of course you can also subscribe to news feeds and blogs. This is implemented in a very simple way so far, but a full-fledged RSS reader is coming soon.

We hope you enjoy the site! If you like it, recommend it to your friends. When you check out the site, please bear in mind that this is still a Beta Version. So, please forgive any inconveniences, and let us know if you experience any bugs.

OK, I gotta go back to work. Many new features and improvements are under way. :-)

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