Monday, October 13, 2014

Benchmarking your SaaS startup

People often ask me questions like:

  • "How many people can I expect to sign up on my SaaS website?"
  • "My conversion rate is x% – is that good or bad?"
  • "My churn rate is x% – is that OK?"
  • "What kind of growth rates are VCs looking for?"

While we have quite a lot of data from our SaaS portfolio companies and from SaaS startups pitching to us (which I'll be happy to share, in aggregated form, in another post), I thought it would be good to increase our sample size by asking a larger number of SaaS startups to provide us with some key metrics:

If you're a SaaS startup I'd love you to participate in the survey. I kept it as short and simple as possible, focusing on three of the most important metrics for early-stage SaaS startups:
  1. Visitor-to-trial signup rate
  2. Signup-to-paying conversion rate
  3. Account churn rate
As soon as I have a meaningful number of submissions I'll share the results (in aggregated form) with the participants and will also publish them here.

Thanks in advance to all participants!

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