Monday, January 02, 2012

Bye-bye 2011, hello 2012

It's that time of the year – you're looking back to the old year and you're reviewing your plans for the new one. The last year was very busy for me, both privately and professionally. I became a dad for the third time, and I teamed up with Team Europe to create Point Nine Capital. Two startups, so to speak.

It's also a good time to take a look at my angel investments because from now on I'm going to make all new investments via Point Nine Capital. Last year I wrote a series of small portfolio review postings. This time I'd like to post some aggregated (vanity?) stats about my investment activity in 2011:

  • I've made 14 new investments in 2011, which brings the total number to 28
  • The new investments are: Lieferheld and Delivery Hero, Server Density, Fundly, Westwing, Shiftplanning, FinanceaCar, Vend, ChicChickClub, Unbounce, Cibando and 3 investments which haven't been announced yet
  • Out of these, 10 were co-investments with Team Europe / Point Nine (see, we dated extensively before we got married)
  • Before 2011 I've had 2 write-offs. In 2011 there were 0 write-offs, which means that the total number of active investments is 26.
  • 15 of "my" companies did follow-on rounds at higher valuations in 2011 (some of these rounds were internal rounds, but most were external)
  • My ROI (on paper) stands at a little over 5x if you use the last rounds' valuations as the estimated fair-market value. If you try to factor in the increase in valuation since some of these last rounds, which in some cases happened over a year ago, it's probably closer to 8-10x.
  • No exits yet (but two small secondary sales, which together returned about 25% of the total amount I invested)

My portfolio is way too young to draw any final conclusions but it's obviously looking very good so far. Huge thanks go to all the incredibly talented and hard-working people at each of the 26 companies. Have a great New Year!

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