Tuesday, November 01, 2011

Latst day to vote at The Europas

On November 17, The Europas will be held, an annual awards for the Internet scene in Europa. My partners at Team Europe and Point Nine Capital and I are nominated in a few categories, so if you still need some inspiration on who you could vote for, here you go!

BTW, I feel bad about leaving a two months blogging hiatus with a self-serving post...but anyway. ;-) . A lot of the nominees are rallying people to vote for them, and the award is of course self-serving even for the organizer, TechCrunch Europe, which is encouraging all nominees to add banners and backlinks to their websites. So I'm in good company. But all joking aside, The Europas is a great event which features some of the best startups in Europe and celebrates entrepreneurship, something we can't do too much in Europe.

Now without further ado, here are the categories that we're nominated in:

Best European Startup Accelerator (Team Europe)
Best VC of the Year 2011 (Point Nine Capital)
Best exit 2011 (Brands4Friends acquired by eBay)
Best Angel or Seed Investor of the Year (Yours truly)

Here's the link to the voting page.

Bonus tip: In the Best Service Provider to Startups category my vote goes to the law firm Brown Rudnick for helping create the Seed Summit legal docs and for doing great work for European startups and investors in general.

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