Friday, January 17, 2014

We ♥ vanity metrics ;-)

Who ever said only startups love vanity metrics? Here's our revenge for all those misleading stats that we have to muddle through almost on a daily basis when startups pitch us!

Yesterday I saw this post on the blog of Karlin Ventures. In response to a tweet by Paul Graham which was highlighted in Danielle Morrill's excellent Mattermark Daily newsletter,  the guys at Karlin Ventures revealed the "days since last contact" numbers for their portfolio.

Here are the numbers for the 26 active companies in our current fund, Point Nine Capital II:

As written in Karlin Ventures' blog post, frequent communication is by no means a guarantee for helpfulness. Sometimes companies are in a phase in which the best thing an investor can do is to shut up and let the founders do their jobs. More often than not, though, I feel that a very close relationship and between founders and investors is a good sign. So – take a look at the stats above but don't read too much into them. :)


  1. Nice stats Christoph!

    Also interesting would be the # emails per month on average or per company as a cohort - this would reveal how much communication happens in which months after (and before) signing the contract ;)

    Chris from V-Play Game Engine

  2. prlambert11:47 PM

    I'd be curious to know how often contact is initiated by you vs. the company. Who is more proactive?

  3. chrija12:16 AM

    I'd have to check, but I'd say it's pretty equal.