Monday, February 13, 2006

"Online Ajax 'desktops' try to change the rules of the game"

ZDNet has a really neat introduction into the AJAX Desktop space:

Online Ajax "desktops" try to change the rules of the game

Written by Dion Hinchcliffe, the article lists some of the reasons why AJAX Desktops are so compelling. And of course I'm happy that just a week after our Beta Launch, Pageflakes is already recognized as "one of the best offerings" by a proven Web 2.0 expert.


Ed Caggiani said...

Ahh, this is the article that made me post on my blog about the old "Octopus" service (

Web 2.0 is exciting, and Ajax opens a whole realm of possibilities for us developers and creative visionaries :-)

And sorry for forgetting to mention Pageflakes in my original blog post. I'll add a link now :-)

Christoph Janz said...

Thanks, Ed! I just left a comment on your blog too. Did you see that already or was this coincidence?

If you're a developer - care to build a widget for Pageflakes?

Best regards